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The best ideas for welcoming even more trade fair visitors

Your success depends partly on the organizer's activities when you attend a trade show. If the customer frequency is incorrect, the exhibitors will not return in the future. But it's not just about the sheer number of visitors. It is much more important whether the visitors are also relevant to the exhibitors. An organizer must combine the quality and quantity of visitors. You might be interested in exhibition stand Dubai.

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However, this does not release you from the obligation to request creative exhibition stand ideas from your exhibition stand builder in Switzerland and to design an attractive exhibition stand - regardless of whether you rent the exhibition stand or buy the exhibition stand from the exhibition stand builder in Switzerland. But as a fair trade participant, you are also called upon to take communication measures. You can combine many with the organizer. Here are ten tips for that: Know more about exhibition stand design.

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Start promotions early

A big mistake of the organizers is that they postpone the promotion of the fair until the last month or two. However, if you look at some of the biggest and most successful trade shows, advertising for the next event starts right after the current trade show closes. 

Trade show attendees should send a "save the date" email at least eight months in advance to ensure you reserve a spot on visitors' calendars. From here, establish communication to keep everyone up to date on booth design. For example, you can also send 3D exhibition stand graphics. Ideally, you work on these communication channels throughout the year. Learn more about exhibition stand design Dubai.

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Contact the industry associations.

Industry associations typically do not sell their members' email lists. But they may agree to include information about the fair in communications to their members. Offer you an exclusive offer for the members, e.g., B—free or discounted tickets.

Communicate with the trade press

Another essential source for industry-specific contacts is specialist publications. Ask your stand builder in Switzerland for the right connections. Typically, you can strike a deal to send an email marketing campaign to their subscribers. Or you book advertising or advertorials in the magazine / online. Get to exhibition stand builders in UAE.

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If you are on a tight marketing budget, you can propose a back-to-back deal. For example, if you have an essential speaker in your ranks, you can arrange an exclusive interview and thus deliver high-quality content.

Provision of promotional tools for exhibitors

Ask the organizer about the marketing materials you can use as creative ideas for your exhibition stand. Many offer ad banners to add to their website or customizable e-blast capabilities to send to their customer database. Add your branded email signature, so your presence is communicated with a booth built on every email sent out. Are you looking for exhibition stand design ideas?.

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Find strategic sponsorships

For many organizers, sponsorship is a source of additional funds for your trade fair. But it can also increase the attractiveness of the event. When the organizer works with a trusted brand that is relevant in your industry and known for creative exhibition stand design, this can serve as a stamp of approval for the event.

Participate in a sponsored invitation model

Consider participating in a particular audience invitation program to encourage eligible and qualified buyers to attend the event. These programs include covering the attendance costs of selected buyers. 

To cover their ticket, transportation, and hotel expenses, hosted shoppers must attend a certain number of appointments per day (their choice) and mandatory events. A creatively designed exhibition stand ensures that these buyers can never forget your exhibition stand construction. 

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Target group Students

Many exhibitors do not regard students as high-profile visitors because they do not yet have significant budgets or are influencers. Nevertheless, it is worth engaging with this audience and inviting them to your stand - after all, they are tomorrow's buyers.

Open yourself to virtual participants.

However, many people who want to visit the fair will not be able to do so - because of the date, the location, or because they cannot get out of the office. To ensure these important people don't miss your trade show exhibit, you should ask the organizer if they will provide a freely accessible live content stream. Make sure you take advantage of those extra visitors by encouraging them to visit and register on the exhibition section of your website. You can also add these people to your email list to target them next year.


From forming strategic partnerships to thinking out of the box that helps you reach new audiences, numerous tactics exist to improve the promotion of your trade show attendance and increase attendance. Make sure you start well in advance and don't miss an opportunity.

The best ideas for welcoming even more trade fair visitors

Your success depends partly on the organizer's activities when you attend a trade show. If the customer frequency is incorrect, the exhi...